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Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, founding dean of the School of Earth & Environment at Rowan University, discusses the theory of the sixth mass extinction and how it relates to climate change, as well as  his insights into the new museum at the Edelman Fossil Park, expected to open in 2023

Video: Dr. Ken Lacovara discusses climate change, the sixth mass extinction, and new museum

The following is a series of videos produced by SJ Climate News that features interviews with Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, founding dean of the School of Earth & Environment at Rowan University. Dr. Lacovara,...

Horns Rev Offshore Wind Farm. Photo credit by Vattenfall is marked with CC BY ND 2.0.

Salem County wind port to bring jobs, clean energy

Gurkirat Dhillon, Staff Writer August 11, 2022

Lower Alloways Creek Township in Salem County is supporting the rise of a new American industry: offshore wind. The state has started developing infrastructure to accommodate a new wind port in Lower...

Flooding in Jakarta 2011 by World Bank Photo Collection is marked with CC BY NC ND 2.0.

Journalist Somini Sengupta discusses climate change inequities

Gurkirat Dhillon, Staff Writer April 26, 2022

Climate change represents a critical issue that is often discussed in a blanketed manner. Writers express how climate change affects “us” and “our” daily lives. But does it really affect all of...

Photo: “When did the sixth extinction begin, and who is responsible for it?” courtesy of Ashley Dawson 🌊 by anokarina is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

Previous mass extinctions are linked to climate change: Are we headed for a sixth?

Gurkirat Dhillon and Colin Cameron April 6, 2022

Dinosaurs were some of the most incredible and massive creatures to walk on Earth. After ruling as the dominant species for 165 million years, they perished at the end of the Cretaceous Period about 65...

A visualization of the Jean & Ric Edelman Fossil Park Museum overlooking the fossil  digging area. Image courtesy of KSS Architects and Ennead Architects.

Jean & Ric Edelman Fossil Park Museum Goes Net-Zero

Colin Cameron and Gurkirat Dhillon March 15, 2022

Hidden behind a shopping center in Mantua Township lies a key to the prehistoric, an unfamiliar world ruled by dinosaurs that abruptly ended 65 million years ago.  The seemingly ordinary marl quarry...

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