South Jersey Climate News

Coverage of local environmental issues by Rowan University journalism students


The South Jersey Climate News Project is a collaborative journalism initiative that explores the effects of climate change on a local level.

Our staff is comprised of students from Rowan University and the reporters from The Whit, the independent student news publication.

We cover environmental issues, events and initiatives on campus. We are part of a statewide climate reporting collaboration with members of the NJ College News Commons, a network of campus media outlets. We also work alongside editors of Route 40 to provide original reporting on Atlantic City. Finally, we aggregate news from local news organizations who have agreed to partner with us.

The goal is to better inform the public about the challenges of climate change in our communities and to explore potential solutions.

The project is supported by a grant from the College of Communication and Creative Arts at Rowan University.

Fall 2019 Staff

Alexandria Brooks
Tara Lonsdorf
Peter Planamente
Michael Reina
Corey Rothauser
Sarah Sosa

Mark Berkey-Gerard, advisor
Dianne Garyantes, advisor

Spring 2019 Staff

Alexandria Brooks
Dylann Cohn-Emery
Shane Kellum
Jaryd Leady
Peter Planamente
Greg Scharen
Kalie VanDewater


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