By Maryella Gallardo | Feb. 2, 2023

Dr. Jennifer S. Walker, who studies sea level rise and works at Bryn Mawr College and Rutgers University, presented her research at a recent forum at Rowan University.

Walker opened the talk with a slideshow titled, “The importance of past sea levels for modern climate change,” and began with her three main points of this presentation — reconstructing the Common Era Relative sea level, sea level budgets in the Atlantic Coast and her future research.

Walker explained that in the state of New Jersey, the sea level is rising faster than most states, a concerning fact for residents. Walker’s research is part of understanding how our homes and lives could one day be at stake.

“You know, broadly, people have been thinking about global sea level change, but when we are thinking about moving into the future with climate change, we need to be thinking about how those adaptations measure on more regional to local scales as well,” Walker said. “It’s the importance of having those site-specific reconstructions where we can get those regional and local driving processes through time.”

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