In this two part series, the Every Whit Way podcast crew discusses climate change.

Every Whit Way is a news podcast produced by Rowan University’s student newspaper The Whit. Each week news writers Chad Wittmann, Greg Scharen, and Alexander Heller take a look at the news and discuss topics that affect Rowan students and the wider community. You can also listen via Spotify.

In Part 1, they discuss the science around climate change, as well as highlight the recent protests and strikes young people around the world are holding as a result of the crisis.

In Part 2, they sit down with Mark Berkey-Gerard, one of the founders of South Jersey Climate News, who discusses the website, how it started and what climate change means for South Jersey. Later, they talk about the effects of climate change in New Jersey and what it means for the state’s future with local weather guest, Peter Planamente.

This podcast is part of The Whit participation in a statewide climate reporting collaboration with members of the NJ College News Commons, a network of campus media outlets working together to cover the climate crisis in New Jersey.