By Elinor Comlay | Sept. 17, 2019

Street flooding in Atlantic City has never been so bad, according to fire chief Scott Evans. Routine high tides make many bay-side streets impassable as often as twice a month, while a trash-logged storm-drain system means even a little rain can cause flooding elsewhere in the city. And hundreds of homes have had multiple thousand-dollar insurance claims in the last decade.

Evans and others are working on a plan they hope will help the city tackle some flooding by raising houses, improving bulkheads and installing stormwater pumps. The “Atlantic City Floodplain Management Plan”, unveiled at a public meeting earlier this month (see presentation below), is designed to help city residents qualify for a bigger discount on flood insurance premiums.

City officials say they are also seeking residents’ input on the flood conditions they experience, in order to help them prioritize work as well as apply for available federal and state financial help. Jim Rutala, the consultant hired by the city to design the floodplain plan, said public input will be key in getting attention and funding for the city’s serious flood-related challenges. “We need to know what you’re experiencing,” Rutala said. “In order to address the issues properly, we need your input.”

At the meeting, more than a dozen residents spoke up and asked questions about the flood problems they are facing. These are the issues addressed at the meeting, along with some of the officials’ responses…

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